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Voice America, with Dr. Alise Cortez – interview with Motivation Factor Founder Helle Bundgaard. 50 minutes podcast.

“Motivation is the driving force behind any action or lack thereof. And yet it is little understood beyond simple extrinsic and intrinsic types, and thus often lacking in opportunity to leverage inside many organizations. Imagine what would happen to your company’s results if you as a leader understood what detracts from each team member’s motivation and instead learned how to feed it…”

Radio 938 Singapore, with Keith De Souza – interview with Motivation Factor Founder Helle Bundgaard. 22 minutes podcast.

PACE OD, with Dr. Lily Cheng – interview with Motivation Factor Founder Helle Bundgaard. 30 minutes podcast.

“Helle Bundgaard, founding partner of Motivation Factor, shares her insight on how leaders can continue to motivate their people through the current uncertain climate. We discuss energy drainers and the importance of creating strategies to manage both our own motivation, and our employees’…”

TFR, This Feels Right, with Joel Silverstone – interview with Motivation Factor Practitioner Shakeel Bharmal. 35 minutes podcast.

“Knowing me, Knowing you, uh-huh, There is nothing we can do” ABBA Well, there is something YOU can do and it’s called Motivation Capability…”, with Barbara Mowat – interview with Motivation Factor Practitioner Vania Sakelaris…

Find & Follow your North Star

  • The importance of motivation in our daily lives
  • An overview of the hierarchy of motivation

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